We provide thousands of forklift parts for the most major name brands in the market and we assist clients to have the parts shipped to you whether you are in Malaysia or overseas.

Forklift Parts:
› Engine (Rebuild Engine Kits, Gaskets, Piston Rings, Rod and Crank Shaft Bearing)
› Gear Box/Transmission (Flywheels, Pressure Plates and Clutch Disc)
› Brake System (Pumps, Cylinders, Shoes, Drums, Hoses and Accessories)
› Cooling System (Water Pump, Radiator and Hoses)
› Exhaust (Pipes and Mufflers)
› Front/Rear end
› Hydraulic System (Cylinders, Pumps and Hoses)
› Electric Meters, Gages and Sensors
› Lift Control Unit
› Rims and Tires
› Gaskets, Seals, Belts and Barings

Spare Parts

Attachment Parts

Attachments: Clamps and Mast (Multiple stages container mast)